IVH folder in Engels

Het Integrale Vroeghulp team in Groningen heeft een Engelstalige folder voor ouders gemaakt. Hierin wordt uitgelegd wat Integrale Vroeghulp is, hoe het werkt, wie er naar Integrale Vroeghulp kunnen. En er is zelf een casus vertaald.

Marcia, mother of Nikki (3 years old):‘Soon after the birth, I had such a gnawing feeling. Nikki was a little weak and slept a lot. When she was 18 months old she was examined.Nothing was wrong. I should have been happy but I had a rough time.My child could not keep up; was I to blame? By sheer coincidence I heard about the Integrated Early Assistance. I called and within a few weeks, Nikki was discussed in a team of experts. It was such a relief! They gave us confidence, understood our fear and uncertainties. And it was finally pointed out what she was able to do. At the same time, our suspicions were confirmed. Nikki has a developmental delay of a year. What has caused it? That is not the main issue. It is important that we look at what suits her. How can we stimulate her in her development and who can help us with that.We now know the way and can continue without the Integrated Early Assistance.

De folder is hier te downloaden:

Een Engelstalige folder over Integrale Vroeghulp

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